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Feedly Tweak – Open feed item in background tab for Firefox

It’s so sad to see Google Reader die, but I found a pretty good alternative, it’s Feedly. The interface looks nice, it can import subscriptions from Google Reader easily, and the most important thing for me is that, it supports keyboard shortcuts.

But there is one thing I don’t really like: when I press ‘v’ to open the feed link, it will focus to the newly opened tab. For Google Reader, I used Google Reader Tweak – Open Links in Background to solve this problem. So when I press ‘v’, the browser will open a background tab to display the link.

I know there is a Chrome version plugin that can solve this, but I love Firefox, it’s my daily browser. The Google Reader Tweak inspired me, I hacked the code to support Feedly. Here is the Feedly version: Feedly Tweak.

Currently, I use Feedly 14.0.485, it has a bug. When you open the links, it will contains a string “?utm_source=feedly” at the end of each feed item. I fixed it in the GM script.

1. Install GreaseMonkey Add-on.
2. Install the GM script by clicking here.

Hope you like it!

03/18/2015 Fix the background opening for new GreaseMonkey

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